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  • 澳大利亞種族歧視之普及Australian racism a common example perhaps?

  • 搬運工有三人,相片中乃其一。事起今早上,鄰屋搬運車把我家門口塞了,我就用車叭呼了一聲,他們不答應。隨後只好走到他們貨車箱尾部請他們讓一讓,誰知車箱不見人。往回走時,反首只見一個領頭的搬運工站在東主(片中女東主後來見情況不妙只是與我交流,並非種族歧視者)門口內側,原來一直注視著我,眼色極為不遜,一言不發,面呈目中無人之狀。後來我讓他們稍為挪移,那領頭的極為不願,用一些當地的英語跟工友說了一下,死氣死氣欲賴不賴地移開。我就勸他們說,你們其實可以留一半的車位也行,而且沒必要用這種族歧視的心態去處理這些小狀況。這裡是墨爾本KEW區,整個墨爾本種族歧視個案每日都有,而且以這種涼薄口舌不屑眼色肢體作浪最普遍,目的也並非要你怎樣,只不過通過這種作威作孽換來他們丁點自尊吧。以上, 謹是澳洲墨爾本種族歧視者之基本特徵。我本是過客,見怪亦不怪。奉勸欲赴澳者,不論長居短留,三思之,三備之。
    The removalist truck was blocking my driveway this morning. I made one horn, there was no response, then I slowly searched around for the driver. Walked my way up at the back of the truck, found no one yet. I turned and walked down their truck, and one of the removalist was already staring at me. I looked at him and knew already it wasn’t gonna be easy, the colour in his face was just the usual racist you would find. I said to him that the truck had to allow me some room to get out. There were three of them, the one who had been staring at me so unwillingly asked the other workmate to make a move, added to their conversation was an mention of #$%@%# about me, couldn’t quite remember exactly their wording, but something of its kind. They did make room for me, but with no pause referring me as #@$#$@ again. I could have ended the story by driving away, but I just wanted to show people how in Melbourne Australia (Kew was where this occured) racists commonly are like. They may not do you something harmful physically, the common racists would throw at you eye contacts that are disrecpectful, zombied faces, say no thanks when you help, say no please when ask you, say no sorry when they wrong you. This is nothing emotional, and I am not making things up. If I were white, surely the removalists would have acted differently, anyone disagree? The moment I stepped off the car to look for them, only one thing in my mind, I thought I was gonna offer my assistance as well if they needed so. All I am showing to people here are just basic features of an Melbourne racist, there are more, many more to this. Will not say bye to this ugly place when I leave~~~