1957 Collingwood Vs South Melbourne Vic Park (The Local Footy Show)

1957 Collingwood Vs South Melbourne Vic Park (The Local Footy Show)Footage Courtesy Of The Local Footy Show Channel 31 The Golden Days Of Footy

The Local Footy Show,on Channel 31 every Friday at 7pm and Saturday 9am during the footy season.
The show is, and always has been, aimed at promoting local Australian Rules football in an entertaining, informative and light-hearted format. Our passionate team of volunteer presenters have a shared belief in the values that sport can instill in us all and the benefits of involvement in our local communities. We’re not about controversy or grubby headlines, but simply the positive promotion of our great national game. And we love to spotlight the wonderful people, both on and off the field, who make it all possible.
The Local Footy Show, while keeping viewers informed of the latest results and standings in local leagues, will endeavour to provide informative segments to cover the behind-the-scenes stories, the people and the history of our great game at grassroots level.
With Daz, Benny and Kev we cover local Australian Rules football around Victoria.
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Plot Outline
Promoting local Australian Rules Football
Basic Info
Started 1997
Genre Promoting local Australian Rules Football
Network Channel 31
Schedule Friday 7.00pm and Saturday 9am
Starring Daz, Benny and Kev
Directed By Village Graphics Pty Ltd
Written By Daryl Pitman
Contact Info
Website http://www.localfootyshow.com.au
Life Events

Best Television Feature/Story for 2012
Award for Best Sports Show
Started in 1997

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