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  • Day 4 of 30 – Working a day as a removalist

  • I am having 1 unique new experience for each day of the 30 Days of September, and will be sharing some of them here on Youtube… this is the 4th of the month. Help sponsor me at www.30dayshasseptember.com/fully_sick_rapper

    I’ve always thought that one of the hardest jobs in the world would be to be a removalist – because all day, every day, you are moving stuff… and I hate moving stuff. So as part of my 30 Days of September, I lived vicariously through my mate Pauly from New Zealand, and did a day on the job as a removalist.

    Thanks to LG for sponsoring my 30 Days, check them out at www.mylg.com

    This is a charity initiative by three mates from Sydney, and we are helping to raise money for the Tedd Noffs Foundation and Street University, who support the Australian homeless, youths from the street and those who’s lives have been affected by substance abuse.

    If you want to learn more about it, or join in on 30 Days has September and have as many new experiences as you can fit in, or sponsor another participant then go to www.30Dayshasseptember.com

    The Ted Noffs foundation need the assistance of external funding to help provide a new start to some of our not-so-fortunate friends on the streets, and we are doing new things and facing new challenges each day of September to help get them there.

    You can follow the 30 Days team on Facebook, at www.facebook.com/30dayshasseptember

    Learn more about the Noffs Foundation here: