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  • Acrobat Modules – Furniture Removals of the Future

  • Have you ever moved in your life?

    TRADITIONAL WAY: Packing, loading heavy stuff, loading light stuff on top, unloading light stuff and placing aside, unloading heavy stuff, storing heavy stuff in self storage in self storage, storing light stuff in self storage in self storage, removing light stuff from self storage and placing aside so heavy stuff can be removed and taken to truck, re-loading heavy stuff into truck, re-loading light stuff into truck, driving to new location, unload everything, and finally unpack.

    OUR WAY: We show up with empty modules on out module transporter, we pack and load the modules, we then store the modules, on the day of moving in, we take your modules to the location and unload it for you.

    Load Once – Unload Once!

    This is the most efficient and safe way to move and store your furniture and precious belongings.

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