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    Today we got a call from Lisa in Freshwater Sydney asking for a balcony lift of her 2.5 metre long part of her brand new lounge ensemble to the 6th level with lifting straps. I went there and discovered a balcony lift wasn’t possible and I asked about the stairs. Lisa said the people who delivered her new lounge explained it was not possible to bring up the stairs because it wouldn’t fit. She spoke with other removalists and they said it couldn’t be done by anyone. Anyway I measured the height and the stairwell had 3 cm clearance the complete duration of the 6 flights of stairs. So I removed the wrapper from the factory and rewrapped the edges with protective blankets and step by step got it up the stairs, totally drenched in sweat from the very heavy and very difficult stairs. Very glad we could assist Lisa with her new lounge as she was distraught