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  • How To Do A Balcony Lift by Sydney Domain Furniture Removals

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    Hi again this is Domenic from Sydney Domain Furniture Removals.
    Today’s video is a balcony lift of a 3 seater lounge up to the fifth level over the balcony.
    Initially this is after the lounge has been wrapped so as to protect from the straps and the side of the apartments then shows me securing the straps correctly into the lifting harness. With balcony lifts the priority is safety and then doing the lift. It is always much more difficult to bring it up over the balcony than it is to lift it normally and although in the video it looks very easy it is only because of knowing how to conduct the preparation and lift correctly. Customers regularly assist with balcony lifts as it keeps the cost down and is much easier with more people. The image doesn’t show the complete lift as several levels were behind the bushes which were 4-5 metres high and the total lift was approximately 12 metres. Because of the length of the video I have increased the
    clip speed to reduce the duration of the video and as such
    the lift looks a litle imbalanced but it was actually a very smooth and safe balcony lift. Remember that it’s considerably more difficult then it looks and has to be done correctly so you should never try to do a balcony lift on your own and you should always make sure the removalist who is doing your precision item relocation has the right amount of experience to do your lift correctly and safely. As you know you can always call me at Sydney Domain Furniture Removals on 0414 478 686 and if it appears completely ok from a safety aspect then I will happily give you a quote for your balcony lift or if you have any additional home removalists or office removalists services you need doing in the Sydney metropolitan area then we can do that for you as well. . We also do moves to rural country areas or interstate if you need so feel free and call us today. If you enjoyed the video please click on the like button below and feel free and click on the subscribe button below as we are often creating interesting video blogs on our YouTube channel and on our blog. Thanks for watching the video and we look forward to moving you.