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  • How to Choose Removalists Sydney – Tip # 3 – What do the Furniture Movers Value?

  • http://removalistssydneyfurnituremovers.com.au We all know that choosing the right removalists in a large city like Sydney is a hard job. It is important to talk to a number of moving companies before you decide on who to go with. So what do you ask them? What do you check out and how do you compare one with another. How can you be satisfied that you have chosen the right furniture movers to move your home? Well, it is interesting once you get talking to a few companies – you will notice they emphasize different things about their Sydney removalist business. Talking with Shayne and Mina of Shayon & Co Transport & Storage Sydney was quite revealing regarding what they felt was important to their customers. I tend to agree with them – and the following list of things they brought up can provide you with a good list to compare different removalists — so you can choose the best removalists Sydney provides.. Here are some pointers: 1/ Check their referrals — are the furniture movers happy to give you some references you can check up on? 2/ Presentation: Do the furniture moving team have a standard uniform? Do they wear it well? This points to the pride they have in their jobs and potentially the care they will take in moving your furniture. 3/Do they take care? When you are checking a reference ask them how the moving team were with moving fragile furniture, antiques etc. 4/ Can you expect a follow-up call. A good moving company will always give you a follow up call to see whether you were happy or not. This shows that they are always seeking to improve what they do — and value you as a future customer.
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