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  • How to Remove Floor Tiles

  • How to remove Floor Tiles is an often searched term on Google and Youtube – home renovators and handymen love laying them, but first thing’s first – you need a dry, solid and rough surface to put them on.


    This video clip shows our teams at work in Melbourne homes and apartments – it’s worth noting these premises were vacant at the time and all remaining carpets and floor coverings were going to be lifted (also by our crew). The film show how to remove floor tiles using a team of battle scarred floor tile removalists!

    These guys rip up tiles, carpet and floating floors every day, and they’re fast and efficient. The job requires a significant investment in pneumatic hammers, concrete grinders and dust reduction machines.

    It’s no secret that tile removers are called to jobs where someone has tried removing tiles themselves and given up – and there’s absolutely no shame in that at all! It’s a filthy task that is best left to teams who do it day in, day out. Your time as a home renovator is better spent project managing your job and doing the time consuming, intricate bits.

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