Removal Box Sizes – Furniture Transport

Carton, Box Sizes

1) Book Wine Carton: approx 40 cm X 30 cm X 33 cm
2) Archive Carton: approx 40 cm X 31 cm X 25 cm
3) Standard Carton: approx 43 cm X 40 cm X 60 cm
4) Port-A-Robe: approx 60 cm X 50 cm X 1,100 cm
5) Picture Carton: approx 1,040 cm X 77 cm X 7 cm

Interstate Removals is an Australian Removalist company specialising in backloading and interstate moves. In this video Troy Said shows you the different box sizes available for your next move and how to pack assemble them correctly. Check out our other videos for more tips on how to move.

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