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  • Melbourne Heathwood

  • Conveniently located at the boundary of Heathmont and Ringwood, Heathwood provides a combination of peaceful living and convenient lifestyle.
    The Heathwood is more than just a home. It’s a community made up of couples and families creating a bond with each other and the green environment that is core to life here.
    In a gated complex of 18 townhouses and 21 houses provide living spaces for those seeking a tighter community experience and also spaces for those wanting a more traditional home environment.
    It’s contemporary architecture and planning reflects the greenery of the land, drawing it into the everyday life of residents, through window, at doorstep, as they move through the landscape.
    More than a quarter of the site is a natural garden, with spaces for children to grow, for families to enjoy communal living and for a community to thrive, in touch with the natural world, yet surrounded by the convenience of modern urban living.
    The highest quality materials meet contemporary living design principles, delivering unmatched comfort and style.