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  • House Tour (Moving House Vlog)

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    I’m moving house (well, a few days ago – I filmed this before we packed up so the house was how I remember it but I left on the 17th!) and I just wanted a vlog to remember the house and be able to capture all of my memories and stuff, particularly after losing my dog and having most of my memories of her there. Also lots of amazing parties (such a good house for parties!) and just generally my entire life as a teenager. I’m really sentimental about dumb stuff so moving house is a big deal to me. We’re actually just moving because my step dad is getting older and isn’t comfortable walking up the stairs anymore, nor are my other older relatives who come to stay. That and the house is unrealistically big for 4 people, especially when my sister moves out. Plus we’ve lived here for ages so we’re updating to a newer and more modern house! Hopefully getting a puppy soon too. I loved my dog so, so, so much – absolutely more than anything else in my life, but I do think having a new dog will hugely help me and my constant state of dismay that I don’t have Bella around for company anymore. When we get to the new house I’m also going to have a dedicated gaming room (I kinda hate having all of my collectables and electronics in my bedroom, to be totally honest) so I’ll have an updated gaming room tour when we’re all settled in, and maybe after I finally build a PC. I’ll also have a 3rd glass cabinet before then because I’m all out of room AGAIN. DAMN IT ALANAH STOP BUYING THINGS. Anyway, sorry this video is boring and overly personal and I’m sure nobody will really watch or find it interesting but it’s just something I wanted to document for myself. I didn’t really need to publish it on YouTube – but I figure I may as well. Just keeping it on a computer isn’t particularly safe and hey, you guys have requested some more personal stuff every now and then! Anyway, that’s it, until next time sexy motherlickers. (Side note: song is The Tranquility Lane Theme from Fallout 3 and my cat is Persian, for those who may ask, even though you probably didn’t read this far).

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