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  • MOVING HOUSE UNDERWATER FLY HACKER ! | Minecraft NOOB Trolling Episode 100 (Minecraft Pranks)

  • Imagine playing minecraft and turning around to see your ENTIRE house suddenly appear under water! You might have the best minecraft house ever or even the most modern house ever, but it can still be sank like Atlantis! The best part is that the player we trolled is a fly hacker! This noob hacker was caught fly hacking red handed!

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    Minecraft trolling is hilarious, and let’s face it, trolling a person with their house is funny. Prepare to laugh uncontrollably as this minecraft noob gets trolled hard and rages! We flip two houses upside down!

    Minecraft is a voxel based game made by Mojang (originally created by Notch) where you collect blocks and resources in order to craft new items, weapons, and gear. You can make short movies, funny creations, and more.

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    Music Used: Kevin MacLeod – http://www.incompetech.com