Scary Clown Stalker is Gone – We Are Moving To a New House

We have a very secure neighborhood so stalkers or scary killer clowns normally don’t have a way to come here but for the last month there was a security issue with a hidden access road through the woods that is being blocked off after we reported the issue. Now all visitors must go through security at the gate to enter our neighborhood. Even though all that is nice we have decided to move to a new house closer to the beach after we got a good offer on our house. This way we can start all over and not worry about being too far away from the beach and fun attractions. We will also take extra precautionary measures to protect our privacy. No more public schools since we will now be enrolled in private online schooling with access to local colleges after the Summer is over. This video will explain more details on our plans and how this will affect creating content on YouTube.

Link to our new channel called All4TubeKids Scary Vlogs

We will be posting more funny and scary pranks and fun challenges like always

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