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  • CanDo Services | Artesia Trash Cart Removal

  • CanDo Services is back! This time removing all of Republic’s carts from Artesia. I don’t get a chance to film rollouts or cart removals very often, so I thought this would be a good opportunity considering my attempt at Cypress in June 2015 was a failure. Completely opposite from a very successful video I posted 2 years ago from Lake Forest. So here we have a removal crew loading up rental box trucks full of old carts. Two crews were out here, but I only stuck with this one since they had a very quick & efficient flow. I believe the other crew may have been just using the “Cluster” method between trucks instead. You’ll see all the different brands of carts Republic handed out here over the years, including: Toter, Roto, Otto, Cascade, Rehrig & Schaefer. Keep a lookout for an old, rare BFI paper recycling bin (hints: It doesn’t have the BFI logo on it, and it was reissued as a trash can). I’m still kicking myself for not grabbing it, but I didn’t know it was empty until I saw the crew picking up both sides of the street. At the 5:54 mark, the audio isn’t off – it’s hard to see but a stacked cart actually fell off another right before the green bin hits the box truck floor.

    Comment, rate & enjoy the show! A huge thanks goes out to the crew for allowing me to film the process.

    Filmed with a Sony DSC-HX50V

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