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  • (SF Bay Area) Dreadlock Removal Services with Ten Nebula

  • Dreadlock removal notes for clients:
    * I work with clients in San Francisco Bay Area
    * I bring all the basic tools with me
    * All hair sessions take place in the client’s home
    * Any additional travel fees (i.e. metrolink, amtrak, greyhound, etc) are paid by the clients
    * Hair needs to washed & dried beforehand (or done a day or two before)
    * I charge by the hour for this service
    * Tips are always welcomed
    * At least a 24-hr cancellation is required and appreciated
    * Email me with your address, phone and dates/times wanted and I will get back to you
    * My email lovinmydreadlocks@hotmail.com

    Ten Nebula is a locktician. She styles/starts dreadlocks for all hair types (i.e. afro-textured, wavy, straight, curly, gray, thin, thick, etc.). She specializes in natural afro-textured hair. She has been growing her locs for over 6 years. She has her own dreadlocking business.

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