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  • Scorpions are part of the arachnid family (spiders) and are very common in Nevada. There are over 20 species found in Nevada but not all are considered a serious threat to man and his pets. Scorpions can clumb up the outside wall of your home and enter the roof and attic. They hide duyring the day and come out at night to feed. A call to my office will get a quick response and the problem resolved.

    Hi I’m Lyle Townsend of Townsend Pest Control. I’ve been in the pest control business for 45 years. The pest control business is quite unique because so many different pest control companies have their own way of doing things. I’ve developed a technique that gives us zero tolerance for pests. My chemicals are safe around people and pets. Scorpions are a serious pest and are not to be treated lightly they are very toxic to small children and for pets and elderly people. If you have recessed lighting especially in the hallways the kitchen and the bathroom they will come through those lighting at night when the lights are turned off. Once they come through they are inside your house and they can actually come down the walls and inside which can be a hazard to you if you get up in the middle of the night and step on one accidentally, you will get stung! Our unique treatment for scorpions ULV fogging the attic space to eliminate the scorpions from coming down from the attic through the ceiling lights. We recommend that the area around your home be treated as well as on the inside alone baseboards. The scorpion when he first comes into your property is coming over a wall that separates your property from your neighbors so we spray that wall all the way around, and they we spray the house walls all the way around the outside. We treat around the rocky areas and up the trees that you have this whip out pretty much everything that comes over the wall including cockroaches and other types of insect pests but is designs specifically to target the scorpion himself. This material when its sprayed out you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, but it has a very fine film on the service it is sprayed on. We do not have term contract you can have the service as long as you want. If you wish to discontinue even the second month you can stop the service. Once we have put our products in place for scorpions within 24 hours you will not have a scorpion problem. I stand behind my work i have zero tolerance for scorpions

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