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  • Are you looking for a Removalist in Sydney Eastern Suburbs?

  • Are you looking for a Removalist in Sydney Eastern Suburbs?
    Before do, make sure you ask these following 4 questions:

    1. Are you a member of AFRA?
    AFRA is the professional Australian Furniture Removals Association.
    Metro Movers are fully accredited member of AFRA
    and awarded AFRA Best Removal Fleet of the Year for 2012.

    2. What if the moving team break something?
    It takes skill and experience to execute
    a complex move quickly and without damaging items.
    At Metro Movers we stand by the quality of our moving team.
    We provide a No-Damage Guarantee and,
    we can arrange full or restricted insurance cover
    for all your moving and storage needs.

    3. What can I expect to pay for my move?
    Most removal companies charge on an hourly or half hourly rate.
    But this is only half the equation.
    Some movers are less skilled and move slower
    and you end up paying more .
    at Metro Movers be assured that our team are fit, strong, coordinated and well trained
    and have all the right equipment.

    4. What if there are heavy traffic delays?
    At Metro Movers we calculate travel cost
    before moving day and provide a fixed rate.
    We find the fastest route,
    and calculate moving time based on normal traffic conditions.

    Call us on 1300 138 960
    if you have a removal enquiry or visit

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    Metro Movers
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