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    Cullins Service takes pride in our work and making our customers happy is top priority. Enjoy the gallery and video.

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    Cullins Service Leaf removal Service Fall Cleanup

    Cullins Service Leaf Removal service is ideal for everyone. We will beat anyone’s leaf removal prices. The process to get your fall cleanup and leaf removal service is simple. Just call us at 1-(617)-446-1382 or fill out Cullins Service online form. Cullins Service will come right over and give you a free estimate for your fall clean up leaf removal. Then we will schedule a time to remove your leaves that is most convenient for you. Some clients like to have multiple leaf removal visits and some like to have one leaf removal visit. That is entirely up to you. No leaf removal fall cleanup is too big or too small. Cullins Service has the right leaf removal equipment to get the fall cleanup done quickly and thoroughly. Most times by the time you get home from work your yard will be completely cleared from the fall leaves.

    Cullins Service is always looking to get the job done more effectively and efficiently without jeopardizing the quality of the work. That and we like to play w/ heavy equipment, but what guy doesn’t. So we got a leaf plow and mounted it to our Husquvarna Zero Turn. We also turned our van into a leaf catcher and attached a Scag Giant-vac to our trailer. The van leaf catcher works great except the unloading of all the chopped up leaves that were blown into the van going like 800 miles an hour. You can see that in the video. The Leaf Removal setup is fairly unique, but effective. We effectively cut our Leaf Removal jobs by more than 1/2.

    This year we acquired a Ford F350 Super Duty. We then ripped off the bed and installed an EZ-Dumper. Now I’m going turn that into a leaf catcher which will make things a lot easier on the dumping part. I’m going to document that process and share w/ everyone as well. I tried looking everywhere for ideas and help making a leaf catcher on the back f a truck. I didn’t have much luck so I am going to design it myself and share w/ others. Seeing we started by using tarps w/ a couple blowers and the van I’d say we come a long way. As hard and time consuming as it was using the tarps I’m glad we did it. It makes us appreciate what we have now.

    So we hope you enjoyed this blog and the video if you watched it. If you are in the newton area and need a leaf removal service give us a call and we would be more than happy to come remove your leaves. Call us @ 1-(617)-446-1382.

    We enjoyed Removing Leaves for the fall in Newton, Ma and hope you enjoy our posts and videos on it.

    Cullins Service